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Located at the foot of Salvada Mountain Range, 40 kilometres from Bilbao, Orduña is the only settlement in Bizkaia owning the title of city.


In 1997 its Old Town was declared historical-monumental complex. There we will visit several interesting buildings such as the gothic church of Santa María (15th c.), the baroque church of Sagrada Familia or the sanctuary of Nuestra Señora La Antigua, which keeps an image of the city's patron saint.


In Orduña we can also visit many palaces of different styles, e.g. the Ortés de Velasco Renaissance palace, the Mimentza palace, the Díaz de Pimiento baroque palace or the Velasco palace. Surrounding the city we can observe the rests of the ancient wall, which used to be 1.8 km long. Nowadays a 65% of the wall remains, although at many points it is hidden by buildings. The wall can be seen especially near the church of Santa María.


Los Fueros square is also one of the most important spots in Orduña. It houses La Aduana neoclassical building (from the late 18th century) and the Town Council.


Natural Environment

Its natural environment makes possible the practise of several sports. For instance, hiking by bike or on foot through the different routes available along several peaks in Salvada Mountain Range e.g. Tologorri, Txarlazo and Solaiera. Other sports to be practised are golf, Basque pelota or speleology, as well as paragliding or hang gliding. Thus, brave ones will have the chance to admire the beauty of this town from the sky.


In its surroundings, we can also visit the amazing canyon where the river Nervión emerges. It is located near the Santiago Mountain, going up Orduña mountain pass. From a viewpoint we can contemplate its astonishing waterfall.


Relating to festivals, we must mention the Otxomaio festivals and its popular figure Biotza, and the Easter celebrations and processions. 

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