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Located in Rioja AlavesaLabastida is protected by Toloño Mountain (1.271 m) in the north and flanked by the River Ebro in the south.

The Ebro is a natural border between the historical territory of Alava and the autonomous region of La Rioja.

Labastida is an essential stop for everyone willing to become acquainted with the secrets and ins and outs of wine production. On the one hand, the numerous vineyards spread all over the area will amaze us. On the other hand, we can visit its wineries that range from those in caves to the present large wineries. Many inhabitants make a living from wine production, which is the basic pillar of the town's economy.

Rich Heritage

Once tasted such valued beverage, we can enjoy the treasures hidden in Labastida. The Old Town accommodates the hermitage of the Santo Cristo of Romanesque and Gothic styles. Besides, we should mention the arches of Toloño and Larrazuria, which long ago were the entrance gates to Labastida.

Wine and its culture have a very important role in the activities organised in the town, as well as in its festivals. Any time is good for visiting Labastida, but November is even better. Vintage time finishes halfway through the month, so thanksgiving parties are held. Music and festive atmosphere take over the town's streets.

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