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Elciego is located in the south of the Rioja Alavesa region, in the historical territory of Alava. We can make out the Toloño Range to the north and the River Ebro to the south. The town borders on Lapuebla de Labarca to the east and on Baños de Ebro to the west.


Just as in every town of the area, wine and everything related to it are the centre of all activities in Elciego. Therefore, it is a heavenly destination for wine lovers. In fact, the town is home to many wineries of top quality and the offer is unbeatable.


Picturesque Streets

As for their part, art lovers have the opportunity to admire several architectural works such as the parish church of San Andrés and the 17th-century hermitage of the Virgen de la Plaza. Getting lost in its streets, which have a proper layout and are connected through numerous picturesque narrow streets packed with palaces and lordly houses, is a delightful experience.


If we visit Elciego at the beginning of September, we can put an end to our visit with the festival of the Virgen de la Plaza, which is the town's most important festival taking place on September 8th. Fun, hubbub and music flood the streets those days. Moreover, we will be able to attend the local dances that have been preserved throughout the centuries, while we listen to the music performed by pipers and tabour players of great tradition in Elciego.

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