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One of the most romantic cities in the world, famed for its beauty and fine food.

The moment you arrive in San Sebastián, La Concha beach invites you for a dip or a pleasant stroll along the shore, even in winter. The elegance of the bay, framed by the massif of Igueldo and the island of Santa Clara, is known the world over. The city has two other fine urban beaches: if you like walking you can start your stroll on Zurriola beach, frequented by surfing enthusiasts, then skirt round Monte Urgull along the Paseo Nuevo and then go right across the bay to finish on Ondarreta beach. There you are awaited by the Peine del Viento, an impressive large-scale sculpture by Eduardo Chillida and Peña Gantxegi which speaks of the ferocity of the Bay of Biscay.


If the natural settings of San Sebastián are wonderful, the good taste of its inhabitants meant that its bridges, squares and buildings had to be even more so. You’ll feel as if you’re revisiting the Belle Époque when you pass in front of the Victoria Eugenia theatre, the Hotel Maria Cristina or the spa hotel of La Perla.


Film City

Every September San Sebastián becomes a setting for film. International stars fly in daily for the city’s International Film Festival. As the European Capital of Culture 2016, San Sebastián is rich in culture and the arts, with jazz and classical music festivals as well as a range of up to the minute museums such as that of San Telmo. The city is also a world capital for food, particularly its pintxos, for which every bar in its Old Town is a treasure trove.

      How to get about by public transport

      The city of San Sebastian is an easy city to walk around or going by public transport. You also have at your disposal the San Sebastian Tourist Card, which gives access to public transport and allows you to enjoy discounts.

      We also recommend the App where you will find a very detailed information on urban buses, car parks, taxi ranks...

      • By bus: San Sebastián has a complete fleet of city buses, managed by the Dbus company, that will take you quickly from one end of the city to the other.
      • By bike: The city has more than 30 km of bike lanes and there are various conventional and electric bicycle rental companies.
      • Tourist transport: Another way to get to know the city is by tourist bus (uncovered and double-decker) or tourist train.
      • Sea trips: There are several companies that offer you the possibility of making routes through the bay of San Sebastian, routes to the Island of Santa Clara or sea trips with submarine vision.
      • Funicular of Igeldo: Another way to get to know the city is to climb the Igeldo funicular, this funicular is the most popular means of transport to get to the top of Mount Igueldo.

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      Discovering the three capitals
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      Experience the txotx ritual
      The best of San Sebastián
      The best of San Sebastián


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