7-day route

GR 38, the wine and fish route

Home: Oyón
Finish: Berneo

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Total length of 166 km


From the vineyards of Oyón to the port of Bermeo, the GR-38 traverses Euskadi from south to north, passing through landscapes as diverse as they are captivating. Along the length of this route, we are presented with the history of our ancestors. Used in the past by muleteers, it still promises the aroma of the merchandise that was transported along it. The muleteers departed from the Bermeo, Ondarroa and Lekeitio Passes with their mules loaded with fresh or salted fish and returned with wheat, salt, vinegar and wine.


Converted into a tourist and cultural route, this itinerary recuperates its ancient splendour with this century’s hikers. With a total length of 166 km, the trail begins at Oyón and heads towards Laguardia amongst an immensity of vineyards. Once the vertical terrain of the Cantabrian Range has been overcome, the route heads towards Lagrán and Albaina, passing through the Okina Gorge and entering Llanada Alavesa via Estíbaliz. It heads towards the Ullibarri Gamboa reservoir and then follows the old route of the Basque-Navarran railway. After crossing Legutiano and the Urrunaga and Albina reservoirs, we farewell Alaves and are welcomed into Bizkaia at Otxandio. The hike climbs up high over majestic Urkiola and then descends down to Durango from where it takes us up to the mountainous country of Oiz. Traversing the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, the path leads us towards the town of Bermeo, the finishing point of our hike.


Commercial routes were also established from the Ondarroa and Lekeitio passes and from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century they maintained contact with the interior. These trails join at Santutxu from where run to the foot of the sierra de Oiz and unit with the path coming from Bermeo.

  • Laguardia
  • Lekeitio
  • Durango
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