Urkiola Natural Park

Urkiola Natural Park

The Urkiola Natural Park covers the highest part of the Aramotz mountain range, forming a limestone barrier between the localities known as Arratia and Duranguesado (Bizkaia), and the Aramaio valley (Alava).

These mountains also separate the Cantabrian Atlantic basin from the Mediterranean basin. If you like rugged landscapes, this is the place for you. 

The park is mountainous, with limestone precipices, ravines and deep valleys. The mountains have made it a favourite with climbers and hikers.

Anboto, the highest mountain in the range, is very popular with the Basques, as is Mari’s cave. Mari is a well-known character in Basque mythology.

The Natural Park gets its name from the Urkiola sanctuary built in honour of Saint Anthony the Abbot and Saint Anthony of Padua. Outside the sanctuary, there is a symbolic stone where people come in the hope of finding a husband or wife. According to legend, if you circle the stone three times, soon you will be wed.

The Urkiola Natural Park visitor centre, Toki-Alai, is located at the Urkiola mountain pass.

Information of interest

Natural Park
5.955 ha

Toki Alai Interpretation Centre

Urkiola, Abadiño (Bizkaia)

+34 946 814 155



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