Egyptian vulture (CC BY-3.0-ES 2012/EJ-GV/Irekia-Gobierno Vasco/Mikel Arrazola)

Sierra Salvada


Birdwatching areas

The well-preserved countryside in the valley floors is habitat for species such as the red-backed shrike and the Eurasian wryneck. Beech trees, gall oaks and Scots pine cover the hillsides, while the higher plateau is dominated by pasturelands and heathlands, home to a healthy population of yellowhammers and water pipits.


The giant limestone formations that crown the range form almost a continuous wall stretching for 25 km. These rock walls are the nesting place for rock-breeding birds including the Egyptian vulture, griffon vulture, peregrine falcon, yellow-billed chough, red-billed chough, alpine swift, rufous-tailed rock thrush and the alpine accentor.


One of the best places to see these birds is the overlook above the headwaters of the Nervión River, where the river plunges to a depth of 200 metres. The area is both breathtaking and offers easy access.


Protection designation: Natura 2000 network


Birding Euskadi Information Office: Tourism Office of Orduña, Foru Plaza 3 - bajo Orduña (Bizkaia) Tel: 945 384 384


Birding Euskadi Information Office: Tourism Office of Amurrio, Alday, 1 Bajo 01470 Amurrio (Álava) Tel: 945 39 37 04


Birding routes: - Mount Tologorri - Headwaters of the Nervión River - Virgen de la Antigua

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Birdwatching areas