Eurasian spoonbill (CC BY-3.0-ES 2012/EJ-GV/Irekia-Gobierno Vasco/Mikel Arrazola)



Birdwatching areas

The Urdaibai estuary at the mouth of the River Oca is the most important wetland in the Basque Country in terms of size and state of conservation. It is also an important staging and wintering area for migratory birds, consisting of a mosaic of landforms. Sea cliffs, mountains, beaches, rivers, caves and forests all come together in this estuary. Urdaibai also has a rich geological, archaeological, and cultural history. Cape Matxitxako, the best place in the Basque country to observe seabirds and cetaceans, and the Urdaibai Bird Center, an excellent wetlands observatory and living museum in the heart of the reserve, are worth a visit. Protection designation: Biosphere Reserve, Ramsar Wetland and Natura 2000 network Birding Euskadi Information Office: Urdaibai Bird Center, Orueta 7. Gautegiz Arteaga 48314 Bizkaia Tel: 946 25 11 57 Birding routes: - San Kristobal Observatory - Urdaibai Bird Center - Urdaibai Upper Wetland - Matxitxako Lookout

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Birdwatching areas