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Old Town of Bermeo

Visitors will notice the distinctive sea town atmosphere in every corner of the Old Town of Bermeo. The beautiful streets and squares and the old port blessed the town with an original character. The arch of San Juan (14th century) is the only arch that remains standing out of the seven that had walls enclosing Bermeo. Down below is located the Town Hall, dating from the 19th century, with two sundials on the façade. Ercilla Tower, the only tower that remains standing in the Old Town, is a Gothic construction that prevails above the old port. Nowadays it houses the Pescador Museum (Fisherman's Museum). As for religious monuments, the Neoclassical church of Santa María, for instance, is a majestic sanctuary of Greco-Roman appearance and a magnificent doorway with Doric columns. The Gothic church of Santa Eufemia, where the Lords of Bizkaia swore to uphold the Fueros (the Old Basque Law Code), is also worth a visit.

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Old Town

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