Caves of Pozalagua

Caves of Pozalagua

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Measuring approximately 125 metres in length, and with four 40-metre-deep twin chasms, these caves are a quite magnificent sight to behold.

The interior of the Pozalagua Caves is home to the largest concentration of helictites in the world. They were discovered in 1957 by chance by a group of workers who were blasting a nearby quarry.

The caves are filled with stalactites and stalagmites, but the helictites provide the most spectacular sight of all. Defying gravity, they shoot out in all directions. They intertwine and tie together in knots, creating a rich array of magnificent figures.

A large space known as the 'Auditorium' also merits a special mention. The ground in this 'room' is formed by miniature carbonate dams which retain the water.

The Pozalagua caves have been named as the 2013 Best Place in Spain by Repsol.

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