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The Basque Country becomes an ideal destination for families, and also for diverse families!

The Basque Country celebrates who you are
1th November, 2023
The Basque Country celebrates who you are

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The Basque Country has become an ideal destination for families, and for diverse families too!

Well prepared to welcome LGBTQ+ tourists thanks to its LGBTQ+-friendly hotels and rural houses, nightlife and gastronomic options, it might seem like a destination geared towards the more adult part of the community, but nothing could be further from the truth: if you come with children, the options are far more than numerous.

1. The Basque Country celebrates who you are

Starting with its incredible beaches, natural landscapes, valleys, mountains, etc. that offer the opportunity to go on the most fun and family-friendly routes and adventures, the Basque Country is a place designed for fathers, mothers and children of all kinds. 

Most towns and municipalities in the region have a large number of parks and gardens. Youngsters can fall in love with nature in cities such as Vitoria-Gasteiz, one of the places in Europe with the highest number of square metres of green space per inhabitant. They can also discover the Green Belt, with more than 47 kilometres of tracks and trails, or the incredible landscape of the Añana Salt Valley, as well as its unique flora and fauna. 

In Rioja Alavesa, as well as finding first-class gastronomy, the youngest members of the family can have fun at festivals such as the grape harvest or the olive oil festival, or even with the dramatised visits that take place in the area. Music is also evident with concerts of all kinds in the villages of the region.

The Basque mountains and valleys offer a large number of hiking routes and easy walks with all kinds of signposts to help children develop an important bond with nature. Goierri is an example of a perfect place for this. In others, such as Gorbeia, the flora and fauna are revealed to families on a network of up to 14 trails.

Family in the forest of Oma
Family in the forest of Oma

In short, whatever your family (same-parent families, with transgender children, etc.), the Basque Country offers unique opportunities for your trip to be fun for everyone, but above all, to be calm and safe.