Goose Day in Lekeitio

Location Lekeitio

5 September

Goose Day, which is to be celebrated on Sept. 5th, is the most important day within San Antolín festivities. Known as "Antzar Eguna" or "Día de los Gansos", the origin of the tradition dates back over 300 years.


The harbour is the setting for the celebration. As every year, thousands of Lekeitio inhabitants will dress in the typical blue shirt of nankeen and the gingham neckerchief in order to welcome the festivity.


Groups of youths are the protagonists throughout the day. Many of them will get onboard ships and one will grab the neck of a goose -dead or made of rubber- that has previously been hung from a rope upside down and then, jump into the water. A group of people will be responsible for pulling the ropes and let them go so that the participant will jump into the air and subsequently into the water.


The game consists in beheading a dead goose. This is one of the most celebrated events in the Basque Country and the day will conclude with many music shows and street performances.

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