Carnivals in Tolosa 2024

Location Tolosa

8-14 February

Many towns of the Basque Country celebrate carnivals in a special way but the most popular and overcrowded are held in Tolosa.

The big party starts officially on "Big Thursday". At noon the opening speech is given followed by the burst of fireworks. Within the next day ("Weak Friday") programme the Festival is the most remarkable activity: Leidor Theatre stages a performance when the protagonists are the town inhabitants. On Saturday, "Zaldunita bezpera", Tamborradas (parades led by adults and the children) take place across the streets of Tolosa.

On Sunday, the streets will be packed with inhabitants dressed in pyjamas and slippers as if they had recently woken up. That day, as well as on Monday ("Astelehenita") and on Tuesday ("Asteartita") floats and bands parade across the streets accompanied by music and dances.

The celebration concludes on Tuesday with "the burial of the sardine", although "Piñata Igandea" comes along with the rhythms of street bands.

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