Basque Fest

Bilbao Basque Fest 2024

Location Bilbao

27-31 March

This Easter Week sees a new edition of BasqueFest. This festival is a celebration aimed at anybody who wants to get to know Basque culture, especially those visiting Bilbao in Easter Week on holiday.

The BasqueFest programme is made up of displays of strength and skill in country sports, such as stone-lifting (harri jasotzea), woodcutting competitions (aizkolaritza) and rock drilling (harri zulaketa). This is counterpointed with the elegance and agility of Basque dancing, and fun and good spirits in music. All of it accompanied by the finest Basque food and the work of top Basque designers. A new addition this year will be film.

Like this, Easter Week in Bilbao is not just a setting for religious processions and traditions, but also a time to liven up the city with Basque culture in its widest sense.

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