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Tourist leaflets

The Basque Country

Cover of Basque Country Tourism leaflet

In the Basque Country, despite its small size, a huge variety of surprises await you. You can find out more about them in this brochure In addition, discover "10 essential activities for savouring the Basque Country"

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Responsable tourist guide

Cover of Responsible Tourist Guide

“Responsible Tourist Guide” is a practical guide with tips designed to help your trip to be an enriching and sustainable experience. The tips presented below are based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism of the World Tourism Organization, and the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism ST+20.

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Euskadi Basque Country GRAND TOUR

Portada folleto Grand Tour

The eight stages proposed by the Euskadi Basque Country GRAND TOUR are just the beginning, a starting point on a map of emotions where you set the pace.
Let yourself by guided by your instinct and your senses, exploring a place which is small in area but big on legacy. We’re inviting you to discover cosmopolitan cities, tiny fishing ports or medieval villages. Start off your trip breathing in the smell of the sea or seeing how the morning mist blurs over a valley surrounded by mountains. Savour the Basque Country’s famous cuisine in fishing villages or stand on your hotel balcony to watch the sun set behind a hillside covered in vines.
We’ll encourage you to soak up the landscape and enjoy the slow life. The word for slow in the Basque language is rarely pronounced just once. We tend to say it twice: poliki-poliki. That will be because we enjoy the good things twice over: slowly-slowly, poliki-poliki.
Many paths await you here so make them your own. This is your journey. Enjoy it your own way.

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Basque Country Confidential

Cover of Basque Country Confidential

We are going to tell you a secret.
You just need to be curious and delve a little deeper into things, or allow yourself to be guided along the way by those who really know them, to discover unexpected places and enjoy moments that are impossible to forget.
In order for you to have a truly sensational stay, we have prepared a selection of authentic, exciting and inspiring experiences.
You have a reservation in your name. An exclusive proposal for special travellers. Like you.

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Golf & Experiences

Cover of Golf & Experiences

The land of great champions

There are countless plans that the Basque Country can offer you, your group or your family. They will all provide you with unforgettable experiences that you'll want to tell everyone about on your return. Just look for the ones that are to your taste and enjoy them.

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Family Tourism

Cover of Family Tourism in the Basque Country

Family Tourism

The Basque Country, ideal for a short-distance family visit.

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Cover of Family tourism map

Family tourism map

A destination fully adapted to travelling families where you can enjoy numerous attractions together.

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Cover of Basque gastronomy tourism leaflet


If anything characterises the Basque Country, it is its excellent cuisine and the quality of its restaurants, from the most sophisticated, to the most humble. Basque traditional cuisine, based on simple elaboration processes, bases its success on the quality of the raw materials (fish, meat, cheeses, etc.). On a parallel level, new trends are appearing in Basque nouvelle cuisine, which incorporate new ingredients, aromas, textures and combinations. All these dishes are always accompanied by Rioja wine, from the region of Alava, or with cider or "txakolí" (Basque white wine); all three wines that are typical of Euskadi.

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Cover of Basque Gastronomy Map


On this map you'll find everything you need to enjoy a gastronomic experience in the Basque Country with all five of your senses.
Visit places where you can find out more about Basque cheese, cider, wine or txakoli from the people who actually make them. Dine in one of our gastronomic temples, restaurants, cider houses, grill restaurants and pintxo bars and visit our gourmet food and wine shops to take away a delicious memory. Visit our website euskaditurismo.eus and look for our "Euskadi Gastronomika" seal: there you'll find the best places and experiences to enjoy Basque food and drink.

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Cover of Cider Map

Cider map

In the land of cider everything is linked to cider: our history, culture, our customs, ways of life, our rites, etc. You now have the opportunity to discover this fantastic heritage and share it with us.
Get to know our secrets by making plans with family, friends or your partner and learn the magic words of our millenary language, which resonates in the heart of the cider territory. Relax and enjoy our festivals, towns, gastronomy and countryside.

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Industrial tourism

Cover of Industrial tourism resources leaflet

Thanks to its industrial history, the Basque Country is currently home to a wide range of resources but, above all, provides many reasons to encourage us to believe that this region has all the makings of a major world tourism destination in terms of industrial tourism.

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Euskadi with your dog

Cover of Basque Country with dog tourism leaflet

Euskadi with your dog

Euskadi (The Basque Country) is the perfect destination for you and your dog, as long as you do so responsibly. The following pages include dozens of plans and hundreds of dog-friendly accommodation options, restaurants, shops and attractions that welcome you and your furry friend. We hope you enjoy the best doggy-plans, complying with the standards established by businesses and towns responsible for regulating the use of public spaces. You can obtain more information and details in the practical information in each area. We recommend you consult all the information on each location before visiting.

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Nature and ecotourism

Cover of ecotourism


Ecotourism is a journey to a natural area to learn about it, interpret it, enjoy it and travel through it, while simultaneously appreciating and contributing in a practical manner to its conservation, without impacting on the environment, and having positive repercussions on the local population.

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Cover of Folleto Urdaibai

Urdaibai. Biosphere reserve

The Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve has one of the greatest diversities of plants, animals and landscapes in the Basque Country, and a series of highly valuable natural systems and habitats including estuary, river, karst, coast, and holm oak forests. All of them are recognised under the Natura 2000 network, the European Union’s main instrument for nature conservation.

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Cover of The Basque Coast Geopark and the Flysch

Basque Coast Geopark

The Geopark on the Basque Coast is a small area wedged in between the Bay of Biscay and the Basque mountains, and comprising the municipalities of Zumaia, Deba and Mutriku. Since 2010 it has been a member of the European and Global Geopark network sponsored by UNESCO.

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Cover of Goierri Map

Welocome to Goierri!

As its name tells us, we´re going deep into in the highlands of Euskadi, Basque Highlands. In Goierri, the main thing, together with Idiazabal cheese and cider, is the nature: go inside in the Natural Parks of Aizkorri-Aratz and Aralar, make a section of the Way of Santiago to the San Adrian Tunnel(UNESCO), walk along the mining Green Route, playing with your family or taking a scenic route...

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Cover of Hiking trails in the Basque Country

The Basque Country on foot

The guide The Basque Country On Foot brings together a set of highly interesting, attractive marked paths for you to discover some of the least-known, greenest corners of the Basque Country. Strolls, short walks and longer hikes are some of the options on offer here.

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Cover of Senderismo en los parques naturales
Cover of The Northern Ways of ST. James

The Way of Saint James - The Northern Ways

The Northern Ways of Saint James are a first-rate European channel for cultural exchange and offer the perfect chance to enjoy an unforgettable life experience. The Way combines History and histories; there is architecture, art, music, theatre, different cultural and linguistic realities; there is food & drink, landscape and nature; there is leisure and tourism... in short, there is humanity.

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Cover of The Way of St. james

The Way of Saint James - Map

Small map and a summary of information about the Way of Saint James and its passage through the Basque Country.

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Cover of  The Ignatian Way

The Ignatian Way

The Ignatian Way retraces the route taken by the knight Ignatius of Loyola in 1522 from his birthplace in Azpeitia, Gipuzkoa, to the Catalonian city of Manresa.

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Cover of The Ignatian Way map

The Ignatian Way map

The Ignatian Way retraces the route taken by the knight Ignatius of Loyola in 1522 from his birthplace in Azpeitia, Gipuzkoa, to the Catalonian city of Manresa. Following his spiritual conversion in Loyola, he set out on the pilgrimage with the intention of reaching the Holy City of Jerusalem.

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Bicycle touring

Cover of The Basque Country by bike leaflet

The Basque Country by bike

"Euskadi en bicicleta" [The Basque Country By Bicycle] is a guide that offers 15 cycle routes to suit everybody. There are urban routes around the Basque provincial capitals, routes along some of the longest Vías Verdes [Green Ways] in the Basque Country, the cycle touring Gran Ruta on the Alava plains and finally the marked paths around the Basque mountain biking centres.

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Cover of Euskadi Cycling Leaflet


When bikepacking, by simply setting out on your road bicycle from any of the three Basque capital cities, with Euskadi Cycling, you’ll be able to travel through the Basque Country and sample it for yourself.

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Cover of Leaflet: Cycling route around the Álava Plain

Grand Tour cycling route around the Álava plain

A mountain bike, panniers and a desire to enjoy and discover wonderful places is all the traveller needs to start out on this adventure, which begins and ends at the Ataria Visitor Centre. (Vitoria-Gasteiz).

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Cover of Leaflet: Urola Greenway

Urola Greenway

The Urola Greenway is an attractive route, ideal for both pedestrians and cyclists. It links the whole valley, from the foothills of Aizkorri to Zumaia.

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Portada Camino de Santiago en Bicicleta

The Way Of St. James by bicycle

The Way of St. James through the Basque Country is signposted for walking along a route that has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In these brochures we suggest various options to avoid the sections of the route that can be more complicated for a mountain bike with panniers.

Portada Camino Ignaciano en Bicicleta

The Ignatian Way by bicycle

Cycling the Ignatian Way will give you the opportunity to recreate the route that the knight Ignatius of Loyola cycled in 1522 from his hometown, Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa), to the Catalan city of Manresa. The route through the Basque Country is tough and demanding. It is approximately 200 kilometres long, divided into four days or stages.

Destinations: Basque Coast

Cover of Basque Coast tourism leaflet

The Basque Coast

This publication invites you to come and see the Basque Country's coastline and to taste the delicious fish and shellfish which swim in its environs; it also invites you to explore fishing towns and the natural landscapes, and to enjoy the activities which are on offer on the Basque Coast. In addition, the brochure describes experiences, ideas and activities which are simply not to be missed.

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Cover of Basque Country Active tourism leaflet

Active Tourism in the Basque Coast

The Basque Coast offers an unbeatable combination of natural surroundings and activities on the sea... and with sea views, from land and from the air. This publication presents the plans for active tourism and ecotourism on the Basque Coast, with approximate prices and contact details of the companies offering the activities: boat trips, surfing, canoeing, diving, whale and bird watching, coasteering, hiking, cycling, Stand Up Paddle and many more.

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Cover of Map of the Basque Coast

The Basque Coast Map

Road map to help you plan your route along the Basque coastline, between Bilbao and San Sebastián. It proposes 4 sections but gives the necessary information for you to plan whatever excursions and routes you like: recommended roads with distances and estimated times, essential visits and ideas along the way, telephone numbers of all the tourist offices on the coast and so on.
On the back is an introduction to the Basque coastline and the 10 places not to miss on your trip.

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Cover of Surf in the Basque Country

Euskadi waves. The Basque coast and surfing

There are various waves on the Basque Coast which, given their quality, are internationally recognised and catalogued as World Class waves. In ideal wind, swell and tide conditions, these breaking waves offer mythical sessions. These include Punta Galea, Meñakoz, La Central, Mundaka, Ogeia and Orrua.

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Destinations: Rioja Alavesa

Cover of Rioja Alavesa Map

Tourist map of Rioja Alavesa

Rioja Alavesa is a region where the culture of wine permeates everything; where the people see coexistence and hospitality as a way of life. It is a perfect place to enjoy stunning landscapes of endless vineyards, dotted with olive trees and ancient dolmens, medieval towns with their walled enclosures, stately mansions and churches of quiet beauty, and of course, an infinite number of wineries that combine tradition and modernity.

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The Grand Route of Green Spain

Cover of Green Spain Grand Route

The Spirit of the North awaits

More than 2,500 kilometres lie in wait, along the coastline of the Cantabrian Sea and Atlantic Ocean, from the border with France to the gateway of Santiago de Compostela. The Cordillera Cantábrica mountain range and surrounding foothills likewise accompany us along the way.

Feel free to discover Green Spain.

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