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Nature at a stone's throw from civilisation

Image of  Urkiola

Wide plains, mountain massifs with magnificent routes, green woods, great cliffs, rich marshes and relaxing beaches. Nature lovers have a lot to discover in Euskadi. Its uneven landscapes' diversity and beauty is evident not only in the established natural parks, but in most part of the territory.

The 7,200 km² of the Basque Autonomous Region present two main landscape types. On the one hand, a wide coastal stripe, green, damp and mountainous, which includes Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa and the North of Alava. On the other hand, Alava's southern wide and dry plains, which are a sign of the relief and weather characteristics of the Castilian Plateau. Among those extremes, Alava's plains act as a transition area.

Nowadays Euskadi consists of several protected natural spaces, where different projects for the recovery of flora and fauna take place. Natural parks: Urkiola, Gorbeia, Aralar, Valderejo, Izki and Aiako Harria; Urdaibai biosphere reserve and, finally, protected biotopes: Itxina, Laguardia, Leizaran and San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. Damp spaces with magic mountains and legendary potholes that allow the visitor enjoying the charms of nature.

252 kms of coast

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Apart from mountains and natural parks, the seaside is one of the main attractions of Euskadi, where steep cliffs alternate with river mouths, marshes and thin-sand beaches.

Most Basque beaches are perfectly equipped with services and offer the chance of practising many water sports.