Basque culture


The mystery of our language

One of the greatest treasures the Basques have to offer humanity is without a doubt the Basque language. This is a language with no direct links to any other known on the continent, leading some to think it may be the oldest in Europe. Some even say that it has no origins elsewhere and is a small island that has managed to survive over time.

In any case, after centuries of coexistence, Basque has been influenced by and also influenced other languages - Spanish, for example, contains a sprinkling of Basque words.

It has experienced difficult times and there are still differences in how much it is used in different geographical areas, but Basque is very much alive today. its different dialects are still spoken and it has a presence in all social, economic, official, cultural and sporting contexts.

There is a rich Basque literature and music in Basque, as well as media and shows, and the language is used and studied in the education system.

Try it!

It is often thought of as a difficult language, but this is probably a myth arising from its lack of similarity with other languages. Want to try some Basque? Learn a few words and use them during your stay: bai, agur, eskerrik asko... The Basques will be very pleased!